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Easily restore channels and roles on your server after being 'nuked' or 'raided'

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Welcome to the Golden Bot website, the home of the ultimate Discord bot for moderation and community management. Our bot is packed with powerful features and is constantly under development to meet the needs of Discord server owners, moderators, and members. With Golden Bot, you can easily manage your Discord server with advanced moderation tools and customizable features to keep your community safe and secure. 

We believe that strong moderation and effective communication are essential to building a successful Discord community, and Golden Bot is here to help you achieve those goals. Our bot is designed to make your life easier, with an intuitive interface and helpful tutorials to guide you through every step of the process.

We're constantly working on new features and improvements to make Golden Bot even better, so you can stay ahead of the curve and keep your server running smoothly. So, if you're ready to take your Discord community to the next level, join us today and discover the power of Golden Bot!

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Why does Golden Bot automatically kick unverified bots?

That is not a bug! That was intended to be a feature! Initially at least...

The main concern when going through all the effort of fixing a nuked server is often not getting nuked again hence the automatic blockage of all unverified bots attempting to join your server. After receiving multiple inquiries about this I have decided it's about time to have a way to whitelist unverified bots so that they can join. This is most often necessary when purchasing a custom instance of a bot or when creating your own.

To whitelist an unverified bot you must have the Administrator permission on a role assigned to you that is above Golden Bot's highest role or be the guild's official owner. This is a measure to prevent corruption. Please note that the whitelist is reset every time Golden Bot is updated or restarted as well as when the whitelisted bot joins the server. This is to ensure that the whitelist is temporary and means that if you decide to kick the bot later on you don't have to worry about un-whitelisting it.

The command to whitelist a bot by its userId is /whitelist-bot

Can Golden Bot restore messages?

It's not possible to restore messages that were deleted unless you have a backup or archive of the messages in advance. This however is not very practical as there are a bunch of restrictions set in place by Discord to ensure privacy for all of their users. While I'd like to make a backup system that can also backup messages in the future it will take a lot of effort to back up messages from all the members on a given server as I need to ensure their privacy and security. Something like backing up announcements or logs is much easier to do as I just need to get permission from a select group of members to store the messages.

In summary, no Golden Bot doesn't offer a way to backup or restore messages at this time and no, there is no way to restore messages without a backup in advance.

Can Golden Bot restore the order of the channels?

It's not possible to restore the order of the channels if Golden Bot wasn't around to see the order of the channels before they were all deleted. That being said even if you have Golden Bot in your server before the nuke occurs, there is no support for restoring the order of channels as of right now.

In summary, no Golden Bot doesn't offer a way to restore the order of channels, you must reorder them the best you can on your own.

How can I set up/use ________________?

I have taken the time to make a detailed documentation website so I'd appreciate it if you could please briefly check if the specific information you're looking for is there or not. The most likely location for the information you'd be looking for would be in the guides section specifically,

Questions of your own?

Please join our support server so that we can help you with your question and post it here for others to reference!