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Our Most Popular Features

Tickets System

The most feature-rich and advanced tickets system on a Discord bot

Denukify System

Easily restore channels and roles on your server after being 'nuked' or 'raided'

Reports System

Setup a fast and easy way for members to report others who are being problematic

New Features

FAQs System (Early Access Only)

Often get a lot of repetitive questions? Create an automatic FAQs system

What is an automatic FAQs system?

An automatic FAQs system allows for members of a server to submit their questions which will result in a response from the bot with the most similar previously answered questions before allowing them to proceed in submitting the question for the server staff/support team to respond to.

Why is this significant?

If your staff are being asked the exact same questions over and over again then they're just spending all of their time that could instead be used for moderating chat, uniting the community, or just having fun instead of having to repeat the same few lines over and over and over again. This will greatly increase morale within your staff and also helps tremendously with the member experience on your server as they will get instantaneous answers to their questions instead of having to wait to hear back from a grumpy mod who is tired of repeating themselves.

Questionnaires (postponed)

Make Staff Applications, Server Feedback forms, and more with ease!

How does the Questionnaire system work?

The server's staff will be able to create and manage forms/questionnaires with a super easy-to-use interface similar to the embed builder but for making forms obviously! There are many options for sending the forms in DMs, Forum channels, Threads, and more based on user/staff preference. This will make it easy to collect member feedback, have staff or other applications on your server and of course, make it easier to manage the applications too! There will also be options to open a ticket to discuss results or ask follow-up questions with the applicant.

Why is this significant?

Almost every large server uses/has used a variation of a questionnaire or forum for staff applications, server feedback, etc. Many still use external programs such as Google Forms which can be a hassle to manage and maintain as well as often being an inconvenience or untrusted by Discord users who most often like to stay on Discord. Golden Bot will allow users/server staff to pick a place to do the form that works for everyone such as a form channel, threads, or DMS and will make it easy to manage/use. With quick actions, staff will be able to review and accept/deny the applications with the press of a button, ask further questions, submit it for further review, or create a ticket.

Tickets Version 2.0

A complete overhaul of the already popular tickets system

What's new in Tickets v2?

Why is this significant?

This new version of our Tickets system has many benefits and improvements over the original design which was designed to be a solid proof of concept to see what features staff wanted/needed to efficiently manage tickets. I am confident that the listed improvements will make it easier for the members and staff of any Discord community to use.  The earlier version of the tickets system was still really good and effective, loved for its design and ease of use but I still saw a few places to improve in a few areas hence most of these modifications are building upon the design with a few tweaks to the overall design which will make it even EASIER to use!

Denukify Version 2.0

A complete overhaul of the already insanely popular and useful denukify system

Denukify v2 introduces a completely different approach to recovering servers without a backup. The old version of denukify is mostly manual and not as intuitive for newer Discord users but was incredibly popular and loved amongst Golden Bot's user base.

What is Denukify v2?

Denukify v2 automates the retrieval of the offender's userId and utilizes a select menu to select the various actions that need to be performed before automatically executing them. Denukify v2 will also include support for forum channels, announcement channels, permission overwrites, and more.

Why is this significant?

Denukify v2 will make it easier and faster for server owners to restore their servers with more options all at once. They will no longer have to scroll through audit logs, look through their user settings to enable developer mode to find the userId just to find out they used the wrong id. I've seen it time and time again, server owners freaking out when their server is nuked or damaged. For the longest time not having a backup meant the fastest fix was to delete the server and start over from scratch. I have been doing my best to clear up the misconceptions but getting recognized by Discord publicly for this feature would greatly help server owners new and old.

Timestamp Generator (postponed)

Having difficulty coordinating different timezones? Use Timestamps!

What is a Discord Timestamp?

A timestamp on Discord automatically adjusts the displayed time or duration dynamically based on how long until the target time and also differently for each user depending on their current timezone. This means that you can have countdowns that say start at one day and keep counting down live by minutes and then seconds. Other options also include different ways of displaying dates/times.

Why is this significant?

A timestamp allows for the easy communication and coordination of users in various timezones and also allows for live countdowns and more! It is SUPER easy to use and even easier to read for everyone! No longer will you have to go to a random website each time you need to create a timestamp or just tell everyone to convert the time on their own. Now you just run a simple command, fill in a few parameters and presto! You have a super fast and easy way to communicate your intended time with anyone!

In-Discord Embed Builder

The complete In-Discord Embed Builder is intuitive as well as mobile & PC  friendly

What is an Embed Builder?

For those that aren't too familiar with Discord, an Embed Builder in short is a tool used to make and design Discord Embeds or Embeded Messages. Embeds are a very nice way to organize information, display the rules of a server, or just make announcements. They have many different fields to allow for a lot of customization and design opportunities.

What makes Golden Bot's Embed Builder Special?

Golden Bot's Embed Builder is an all-in-one embed builder that is all inside of Discord which is very uncommon on its own. One of my favourite features that makes it special is how it switches automatically from buttons to a select menu depending on whether you're using mobile or pc at the time. This makes it easy to use and navigate for all users regardless of their device. It also has a lot of options for publishing the embed as a template for others to use or just to share the design with friends.

Why is this significant?

An Embed Builder, especially one all in Discord that's intuitive and easy to use for all users regardless of past knowledge or experience allows for a significantly better experience for the staff of a server and also makes all future announcements and information channels look their best! Many bots offer the ability to make and send a few embeds on their site for free but this isn't often good for mobile users or frequent use. The Embed Builder is the fastest, easiest, and most accessible way to create and manage Discord embeds wherever, whenever.

All-In-One Server Templates

Want a faster way to make a server? Try our Server Templates!

What is an All-In-One Server Template?

Our All-In-One Server Templates allow you to create/use templates that include channels, roles, guild settings, and even Golden Bot features! That is the main feature that helps Golden Bot's Template system stand out among other Template Bots is that the server comes with pre-configured Golden Bot features. This means when making multiple servers for a freelance business for example you can create the same basic channel with specific features pre-configured.

Why is this significant?

All-In-One Templates will allow for a much easier and faster setup of server(s), it makes life far easier for newer users ensuring that the server is set up in a secure manner as well as allowing them to tinker with the server without fear of losing the configuration. This will allow for more users to learn by trial and error or just try something new, getting a new perspective on how one might configure a server, or just how various things work on Discord. For example, what Discord bots can add to a server for example, or how automod can make their lives easier.

Advanced Auto Server Setup

Want help making a server tailored to your needs? Try the automated setup feature

What is an Advanced Automatic Server Setup system?

This system allows for you to answer a few simple questions guiding you through configuring the basics of your dream server! Similar to the advanced server templates but instead you get to pick and choose your ideal components from a tailored list to suit your needs perfectly! Now you have everything you need and nothing else! This will allow you to scale down on the channels for a smaller community when you're starting out or have more channels if you're expecting a large audience right away. There will of course be options to have certain Golden Bot features pre-configured same with the Templates and will allow for a seamless and effortless integration into the server.

Why is this significant?

While the templates system is an excellent way of making a very similar server to the original, the Automatic Server Setup tool allows for more precise control over individual elements of your server making it easier to find the perfect size and attributes for your dream server! Regardless of your experience level making Discord servers you will be able to create exactly what you want with all the styling and features of a professional server but made exactly how you want it in minutes instead of hours allowing you to spend more time connecting with your member rather than fiddling with the design for hours on end to just restart from scratch the next day. (I speak from experience)

Discord AutoMod Integration

Do you have a lot of rulebreakers? Use the AutoMod integration!

How does it work?

Golden Bot utilizes the built-in Discord AutoMod integration which prevents messages that break your predefined rules from being sent in the first place. This means that you never have to worry about users sending bad messages and the bot not deleting them instantly before anyone sees them as they can't be sent in the first place. The way that messages are filtered is with something called a regex. Regexes or 'Regular Expressions' look for certain pre-defined patterns in text. Golden Bot offers a wide variety of pre-made regexes to allow easy setup and use of this otherwise advanced feature that is often overlooked or underutilized.

Why is this significant?

Golden Bot makes it easier than ever before to block bad messages before they're ever sent. No longer do you have to search through all of the settings on your server to find AutoMods settings and then struggle to make your own or find the right regexes, now you can just use Golden Bot to find and implement the restrictions with ease! This will allow more servers to have better and more reliable Automatic Moderation for free and with ease!

Presence Roles/Notifications (postponed)

Wouldn't it be cool to automatically assign roles based on games your members play?

How do Presence Roles work?

Golden Bot watches events such as when a member changes their presence on Discord. Golden Bot is not tracking or storing this data as of making this documentation but there are no plans for this to change. Simply put, when you are playing a game that Discord recognizes Golden Bot will check if the server you're in has a specific role assigned to be given to any users playing that game and if so it will give you the role!

How do Presence Notifications work?

Golden Bot watches events such as when a member changes their presence on Discord. Golden Bot is not tracking or storing this data as of making this documentation but there are no plans for this to change. Simply put, when you are streaming on a pre-selected platform which meets pre-configured requirements a pre-made announcement can be sent in a channel of your choice.

Why are these significant?

The Presence Roles will allow for the easy, automatic assignment of roles based on the games you like to play allowing for effortless access to the relevant channels on a server. This will often relate to gaming servers that have channels designated to various games that previously you'd have to opt-in to gain access via button roles, reaction roles, or in the server guide. This way you don't have to do ANYTHING except play your favorite game!

The Presence Notifications make it easy to share when you're live on Discord, Twitch, YouTube, or doing any other pre-defined activity that has been configured for you. This will allow for seamless and limitless integrations with any platform that supports Discord Presences without any changes to our Bot. This could also be used to let specific roles know when you're playing a certain game or in a voice call for a Q&A session. The options really are limitless.

Automatic Channel Translations (Early Access Only)

Are you in a multilingual community? Golden Bot can help!

What are Channel Translations for?

Channel Translations were originally designed to translate announcement channels from one language to multiple other languages either via threads on the main channel or separate channels altogether. This will make it easy for various communities to work together, communicate, and of course make it easier for your staff team to manage the server!

Why is this significant?

Channel Translations can help everyone communicate in multilingual communities. Maybe you even just have some members who want to read the announcements in their native language or learn a new language, the possibilities and applications for this feature are limitless. There are plans to try and expand this feature into general chats as well allowing for members to communicate with each other on a smaller scale, likely a separate channel so that the bot isn't overwhelmed with messages that don't need to be translated. This will also be implemented in support tickets and other relevant features in time, making it even easier to manage and support your community regardless of the languages of your members.

Automatic Infraction Management

Hard to keep track of users' infractions? Automatically track moderation actions!

What is Automatic Infraction Management for?

With this feature, Golden Bot will keep track of auto-moderation actions, timeouts/mutes, bans, and kicks even if you don't use Golden Bot to take that action. This means you can use the infractions search to find all applicable infractions regardless of how or when it was executed.

Why is this significant?

This means you will ALWAYS know the ENTIRE past of a user on your server. No more guessing about how many times they've tried/broken your rules. Now there is an entire history of infractions regardless of whether it was done through automoderation, the member management menu, or through Golden Bot's commands.

Some items are postponed but will be released as subsidiary updates branching off of the version 3 update over time. This will allow for a shorter time between updates which in turn will give our users a better experience getting completed features every couple of weeks instead of waiting a chunk of time for several half-baked features.

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